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What is Redlining a Document?

Redlining Contracts: You are Better Off than the Average Cave Man. Really.

Imagine redlining contracts way back in the Stone Age when documents were set in stone. You would chop and hack for weeks, months even, before you’d finish all the terms and conditions. Phew, talk about hard work!

And along came your counterpart, requesting a ‘minor change’. You couldn’t just erase it, could you? Can you imagine hauling in a brand new piece of rock to start all over again? Nope, you’d rather bash his head. Shows him for not accepting your standard terms and conditions!

You are way better off nowadays with all the available nifty tools and software-thingies to support you. However, redlining documents still gets on your nerves every now and then, right? Though tempted, you know better than to bash his head. If you’d only have some tips and tricks at hand to take away that temptation and enable you to do a swift and thorough job.

No matter if you’re in procurement, sales,  a contract manager, contract administrator, or a project manager; you’ll be doing a lot of redlining contract  and project documents, like I have for the past 26-plus-years. I’d like to share my (sometimes hard-earned) tips, tricks and redlining power nuggets with you on doing it the proper way (swiftly yet thoroughly), making your job a little easier (and less messy). But before we dive in, let’s first start with answering the question:

What is Redlining a Contract?

“Redlining” refers to marking edited document parts. When people collaborate on a document, they make the changed parts clearly visible with a special color (yup, red), underlining, bold font, comments, call-outs, arrows; anything that makes their changes stand out for others to see, review, and accept or reject.

To me, however, “redlining” is more than how to make changes stand out, or how to track them down. “Redlining” are the processes, the techniques, and the roles and responsibilities that come along with developing documents, sending them back and forward, reviewing them, and authorizing them. To me, “redlining contract documents” is an important part of governing contracts. It involves many people in different roles throughout the entire contract management lifecycle.

How to Redline a Document? My Redlining Contracts Tips, Tricks and Power Nuggets.

Since I wrote a couple of posts on how to redline a contract document, I have been bombarded with questions on it.
And you know what?
When you look at the problems, roadblocks, and pitfalls behind those questions on redlining contracts, it all boils back to a couple of major topics. So I figured to put the answers in a compact reference e-guide.

eBook Redlining Contracts

I have turned my 26-years-plus bulging files of contracts experience inside out to convert the many questions I received on redlining documents into this compact e-handbook; jam-packed with practice-proven tips, tricks of the trade, and redlining power nuggets.

“Redlining Contracts” provides a hands-on reference guide on how to perform a swift yet thorough redline job. It’s perfect if you’re in procurement, sales, contract management, project management, or contract administration working on requirements documents, requests for proposals, offerings, contracts, or any other contract and project documents.

What you will learn:

  • When to redline contract documents (it’s 3 times more often than most people think). You’ll be ahead of the pack and never again ask yourself where the heck things went wrong.
  • Why your redlining activities should be appreciated, the challenges you’re up against, and how you’ll conquer them to reap the recognition you deserve. It’s a matter of knowing your redlining ABC’s, really.
  • The 6 dimensions and 3 building blocks of Contract Governance that lead up to successful contracts, and how your redlining job fits in. It will help you point-out the importance of your contribution to contracting and contract success.
  • The 7 Redlining Power Nuggets that help you to prepare for, be in control of, and amaze everyone with your redlining activities.
  • The processes and techniques you need to cover (it’s a bunch!) Leave one out, and you’re bound for mayhem. Check ‘em off, and your solid.
  • How to get key-players on board and on the same page, the way you want it (and even have them thank you for it).
  • How to get the time you need (and how to secretly save yourself a bunch of time you can use to do other stuff).
  • What dangerously mesmerizing words, phrases, and mean little text thingies to watch out for. You probably won’t even notice them.
  • How to prevent being squashed by a double redlining avalanche (it beats running).
  • How to use some of the most powerful redlining features in Microsoft Word and other software.


This e-book comes with free access to a special web page that gives you the latest info on redlining, and offers you free downloads of great extras like:

  • The Contract Redliners’ Microsoft Word Quick Reference Print Versions – A nice free gadget that gives you a handy, easy-to-print, and carry-along referral of track and compare functions in Microsoft Word. Print it and have it at hand when you use the powerful features Microsoft Word offers you.
  • The Contract Redliners’ Extended List of Dangerously Mesmerizing Words – This file is packed with 150 words and phrases that should alarm you because they are your surefire one-way ticket to discussions, disappointments, and detriment. Check your documents for ‘em and start asking questions.

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